Bringing good jobs to Ottawa South

It’s Decent Work Week. As a National Negotiator with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, this issue is one that is near and dear to me. But it is also an issue that is particularly pressing for the residents of Ottawa South.

While the national unemployment rate is 5.7%, the unemployment rate for Ottawa South is 9.5%. Ottawa South residents needs access to decent, safe work in their community. 

The NDP has a comprehensive plan to get us there. We’re committed to ensuring that Canadians have access to the education they need to find good jobs, including proactive training and retraining, and support when they are unemployed. We recognize that small businesses create quality jobs in their communities. That’s why we support lower small business taxes, will fight unfair merchant fees, and continue to oppose family transfer taxes that make it unnecessarily difficult to pass on small businesses to the next generation.

Ottawa South is a great place to live. The NDP is committed to ensuring that it is a great place to work, too.