Herongate and the affordable housing squeeze

Last year, the Herongate community experienced a mass eviction that forced more than 500 people from their homes. The renters who were forced to leave had few options for where to go. 

They’re not alone. A recent study found that a minimum wage worker could afford an average-priced apartment in none of Ottawa’s 27 neighbourhoods. Rising rental costs are making life unaffordable for many including people living on fixed incomes; single earner households; and the one in four Canadians who earn within $3 of their province’s minimum wage. 

Renters deserve peace of mind and a safe place to call home. 

Electing an NDP government will ensure that

  • 500,000 quality, affordable housing units are built in the next ten years with a federal investment starting at $5 billion in additional funding in the 1.5 years to jump start the development 
  • 250,000 of these units become available in the first five years. 
  • Help renters who are at the breaking point before it’s too late with a rental subsidy in the 2019 budget. 
  • Take the pressure off first time buyers as they transition to homeowners by doubling the Home Buyer’s tax credit

Electing Morgan Gay will ensure you have an MP in Ottawa fighting for your rights.