Investing in health care

There’s been a lot of talk about pharmacare lately, and it’s exciting to hear. What’s less exciting is the Liberal plan to introduce a Pharmacare program in 2027. Canadians can’t wait. 

A 2016 study found that nearly one million Canadians skimped on food and heat to be able to afford their medications. That’s a heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable statistic. No one who calls Canada home should have to choose between keeping the heat on and being healthy.

Under an NDP government, they won’t have to. We’re committed to implementing a universal, single-payer drug coverage plan that will begin eliminating prescription costs in 2020. We know that people can’t wait years to fill their prescriptions so we are committed to a bold Pharmacare implementation timeline. 

We also recognize that Pharmacare is only part of the conversation we need to be having about investing in Canada’s health care system. That’s why we’ve introduced a head-to-toe health care plan that will provide a reinvigorated, comprehensive care plan to Canadians. It’s time to invest in the potential of our health care system to provide world class care and coverage to everyone who calls Canada home.