Statement from Morgan Gay: Canterbury Student Walkout

I want every student participating in today’s walkout today to know that as the NDP’s candidate here in Ottawa South - and as a parent whose daughter attends Canterbury High School - I support your walkout 100%.

I apologize to students of Canterbury High School for not being able to join you at today’s walkout as I am required as a union representative to be in negotiations at the Federal Labour Board.  

The Ontario Conservative government’s proposed cuts to education, like their changes to sex ed curriculum last fall, are an absolute disgrace.  

Premier Ford clearly thinks that he can get away with larger class sizes, but we can’t let that happen. Premier Ford thinks that he can get away with slashing autism funding, but we can’t let that happen either. And that’s why today, I commend the Canterbury students and the students across Ontario for taking a stand in support of education and the future of our youth.

We need investments in our education system, not cuts.

With larger class sizes, more students will fall through the cracks. More students with disabilities and students from lower income backgrounds will not receive the support they deserve.

So we need to fight back, and am proud to support for today’s walkout and express my full solidarity with students who are starting that fight back with today’s action.

So let’s continue to organize and protest going forward, until the Conservative government in Ontario reverses these cuts. An attack on education is an attack on all of us—and we must never let Premier Ford forget it.

Thank you, students, for coming out and speaking your truth.

In solidarity,

Morgan Gay 
Federal Candidate, Ottawa South NDP