Ottawa South breaks the national trend

Now that all of the preliminary results are in, it is clear that we broke the national trend in Ottawa South on Monday. [Originally posted on our Facebook Page]

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A great deal to be proud of and a solid foundation

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and activists who made our campaign one of the most successful in the history of the Ottawa South NDP. Never have we raised as much money, recruited as many volunteers or engaged as many voters as we did during this campaign. [Originally posted on our Facebook Page]

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Bringing good jobs to Ottawa South

It’s Decent Work Week. As a National Negotiator with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, this issue is one that is near and dear to me. But it is also an issue that is particularly pressing for the residents of Ottawa South.

While the national unemployment rate is 5.7%, the unemployment rate for Ottawa South is 9.5%. Ottawa South residents needs access to decent, safe work in their community. 

The NDP has a comprehensive plan to get us there. We’re committed to ensuring that Canadians have access to the education they need to find good jobs, including proactive training and retraining, and support when they are unemployed. We recognize that small businesses create quality jobs in their communities. That’s why we support lower small business taxes, will fight unfair merchant fees, and continue to oppose family transfer taxes that make it unnecessarily difficult to pass on small businesses to the next generation.

Ottawa South is a great place to live. The NDP is committed to ensuring that it is a great place to work, too.


CTV Morning Live Segment

Morgan was on CTV Morning Live for a "Meet the Candidates" Segment for Ottawa South. He had the chance to talk about the top issues in Ottawa South, what we've been hearing at the doors, and more.

Check out the segment below:



Volunteer on E-Day!

Join us on Election Day to help make get out the vote for Morgan!

Election Day is Monday, October 21st and we need your help to get out the vote for Morgan and the NDP in Ottawa South. 

Sign up here to let us know when you are available :


Investing in health care

There’s been a lot of talk about pharmacare lately, and it’s exciting to hear. What’s less exciting is the Liberal plan to introduce a Pharmacare program in 2027. Canadians can’t wait. 

A 2016 study found that nearly one million Canadians skimped on food and heat to be able to afford their medications. That’s a heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable statistic. No one who calls Canada home should have to choose between keeping the heat on and being healthy.

Under an NDP government, they won’t have to. We’re committed to implementing a universal, single-payer drug coverage plan that will begin eliminating prescription costs in 2020. We know that people can’t wait years to fill their prescriptions so we are committed to a bold Pharmacare implementation timeline. 

We also recognize that Pharmacare is only part of the conversation we need to be having about investing in Canada’s health care system. That’s why we’ve introduced a head-to-toe health care plan that will provide a reinvigorated, comprehensive care plan to Canadians. It’s time to invest in the potential of our health care system to provide world class care and coverage to everyone who calls Canada home.


CBC Ottawa Segment

Last week, CBC Ottawa joined us for a canvass in the Heatherington area of Ottawa South. 

Check out this clip from the segment to see Morgan talking about housing, affordability, and other issues Ottawa South voters are focused on in this election.

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Canvass with Rawlson King, September 28

Rideau-Rockcliffe City Councillor Rawlson King will be canvassing for Morgan Gay on Sept. 28.

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Poverty & food insecurity

Ottawa South is one of the top 10 ridings for food bank use in Ontario. It’s unthinkable that in a country as rich as ours, and in a city as prosperous as the nation’s capital, that so many are facing persistent food insecurity. 

Being unable to stock the fridge isn’t about access to foodit’s the canary in the coal mine for many other issues. Families, students, and retirees who are struggling to make ends meet slash their food budgets to try and make sure there’s enough money left for big expenses like rent. When people are going hungry in our community, it points to larger problems: a lack of affordable housing, stagnant and inadequate wages, and underdeveloped social programs.

We need to address the growing problem of food insecurity in Ottawa South and across the country. But we can’t do it without tackling the root problems that leave members of our community unable to afford to put food on the table. Canada needs an ambitious social housing strategy and a federal minimum wage that lifts all workers out of poverty.


Herongate and the affordable housing squeeze

Last year, the Herongate community experienced a mass eviction that forced more than 500 people from their homes. The renters who were forced to leave had few options for where to go. 

They’re not alone. A recent study found that a minimum wage worker could afford an average-priced apartment in none of Ottawa’s 27 neighbourhoods. Rising rental costs are making life unaffordable for many including people living on fixed incomes; single earner households; and the one in four Canadians who earn within $3 of their province’s minimum wage. 

Renters deserve peace of mind and a safe place to call home. 

Electing an NDP government will ensure that

  • 500,000 quality, affordable housing units are built in the next ten years with a federal investment starting at $5 billion in additional funding in the 1.5 years to jump start the development 
  • 250,000 of these units become available in the first five years. 
  • Help renters who are at the breaking point before it’s too late with a rental subsidy in the 2019 budget. 
  • Take the pressure off first time buyers as they transition to homeowners by doubling the Home Buyer’s tax credit

Electing Morgan Gay will ensure you have an MP in Ottawa fighting for your rights.