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Day of Action on Mental Health canvass with Morgan

When: Saturday, April 23 12 PM – 3 PM

Where: Coronation Park, 442 Coronation Ave., Ottawa, ON K1G 0Y9

Join us for our Day of Action on Mental Health to go door-to-door to talk to voters about our plan for mental healthcare!

People are struggling with unaffordable premiums, insurance that covers only one or two therapy sessions a year, or skipping mental healthcare all together because they can't afford to pay out of pocket.

An Ontario NDP government is going to put an end to that. We'll give folks public coverage for 6-12 treatment sessions. We'll fund more doctors, nurses, community health care workers, and social workers to expand Ontario's capacity for delivering mental healthcare. We'll create mobile crisis teams to ensure that folks in crisis can get a healthcare response in an emergency

There are already tons of first-time volunteers signed up, so if you haven't gone out canvassing before, you won't be alone! Our friendly canvass captains will be providing training and pairing you up with someone more experienced.

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