Base Survey

Hi I’m a volunteer for Morgan Gay, the NDP Candidate for Ottawa South and we’re talking about health benefits and the coming election. The NDP and our candidate Morgan Gay want to bring in universal vision care, dental care and a comprehensive universal drug plan for everyone. We want to make sure that everyone gets the prescription drugs, vision care and dental coverage they need, without paying out of pocket. What do you think? *** Can we count on your vote for Morgan?

Don't assume support, you need to ask the voter. 1= always NDP, interrupt you 2=new supporter, yes when asked 3NDP= probably NDP 3=undecided 3C,3L,3G propbably for other parties but still undecided 4L,4c,4G= no to NDP, yes to other party (mark the party) IV- not citizen or not valid voter NV= not voting